Merry Almost Christmas – December 22, 2015

This week has been pretty sucky, all and all. Not going to lie. Pretty much nothing has been easy. Not a lot of people accepting us. Not much Christmas spirit from the people either, because the evangelicals always point out that Christ wasn´t born in December.
My only consolation and help has been the good attitude of my companion, for which I will be forever grateful. Hopefully he might want to be my friend after the mission.
But there were bright points. There are three houses decorated on one street, which Elder M and I judged on taste and creativity as we knocked all of the doors.
We also had a miracle with six new converts from our list attending church on Sunday. And they thanked us for visiting them so long. They hadn´t come in three months, and we visited them every time we could. So that was nice.
Today was nice, because the sisters in P had the idea to make pancakes as a district before our district meeting. A good Christmas activity.
But the scriptures are good. I found 2 Corith 4:16-18 the other day. And I learned that we just need to be good and expect nothing in return in life. Even though that´s hard… Really hard. Like today. Pretty much nothing has gone exactly right. But I´m trying to do the right things.
The last few days I was stressing about how we would get to Ton Christmas to talk to you. There will be no buses on Christmas. After many phone calls to my missionaries in P, finally I called the Assistants and told them there was no way to get there with a member or anything. And they told the zone leaders to figure it out. So they are going to charter a bus. But hey, now it´s all resolved, and I don´t even need to get up that early. I may actually get to sleep in.
But my time is up. I love you so much. I know that Christ lives. I know that He loves us. And that our family will be eternal, and that I´m supposed to be learning something wandering around aimlessly in the dust and heat. I don´t know what, and I don´t know when it will pay off. But I´m sure it will be worth it.

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