No hay mucho que contar… December 29, 2015

I´m trying to take more photos of my area because I´ve been here awhile and transfers are next week. And the area has many nice views. So here are a ton of photos. Most of them out of a bus window, which I worry about blurring, but some of them are impossible to take without passing by the place in a car.
I enjoyed seeing you on Christmas. Felt a little weird to be honest. I popped over into my companion´s screen after I finished talking, and spoke in Spanish to his brother, who got back from a mission in Ecuador in like July. After I popped out, he asked if I was Latino, which was funny.
This week has been interesting. We had more miracles with the retention. In church, a member who always comes managed to convince his family members, who are converts to finally come again. The funny thing is that they didn´t even receive us the last time we visited. They just ignored us when we greeted them at the entrance to their barbed wire fence. But they came to church.
Other than that, about the same as usual. Hay cambios?
Love you,
Elder Schafer



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