Antigua, and it’s freezing…January 6, 2016

I have gotten to come to an enjoyable place on my mission now. This is a very pretty area, and the members are really nice!
I also have a new companion. He`s twenty-one, from Oklahoma, just out of his training. My first new, Elder T, trained him. He`s very nervous, talks with a stutter. He only did a week and a half in the mtc (and in Provo, not here, like the rest of us), because his parents speak Spanish, but he probably could have used the full six weeks to free comfortable.
Please pray for him. His name is Elder Coronado.
I`m also feeling a little weird because the people are here more responsible and educated. Little culture shock maybe. I`m also district leader of a district of two companionships of sisters. I had both sisters and elders in my last district. But they seem nice and to get alone fine.
So pray that I can make a good impression with the members here, because the only way I`ll be able to find people is working with them. And that`s a good life skill.
The house is much nicer, and I have hot water! The house feels like a little cottage or cabin. One room has like a loft, where we sleep, and a staircase down to our study room. I`ll take pictures one of these days when I`ve charged more batteries so I can use flash.
I love you so much! I`m feeling very happy.

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