Well then – January 12, 2016

Five Things about the Mission:
1 We put the things of the Lord first.
2 We do things that scare us, to conquer our fear.
3 We live the gospel.
4 We are not perfect.
5 But we keep trying.

It has been quite an interesting week. The ward is great and our area, Parramos, has been nice.

It has been an adventure figuring out the area with Elder C. We went out with several jovenes last week, who helped me to familiarize myself with it more. We have found several children of less active members that could get baptized. And one new investigator in particular, who I feel could progress and learn more. A man named L. We visited him yesterday, and he expressed desire to learn more, and had read a little in the restoration pamphlet.

The sisters are really good workers. Strong personalities in this district. They work hard and get results.

Look up Purpusas, it`s a Salvadorean food, and I really like them. It`s like a tortilla, but filled with queso and beans. There`s a lady with a little comedor, who`s Salvadorena and makes them. I`ve eaten that like four or five times.

Antigua is interesting. Lots of Europeans actually. All of the tourists are really, really tall. Like taller than even normal white people. The average american is five-eight, right, but all of the people, even the women are huge. Bigger than me. The guys, six-four, or taller, and the women all at less six feet tall.

And why can`t tourists ever wear normal clothes? There are several types. The unwashed hiker types. Lots of body hair, beards, and athletic clothes, with a giant backpacking mochila. Then, there are hippies, with dredlocks, and body hair, and weird, semi-transparent clothes.
And then normal tourists: with those sandals. You know the type I`m talking about. Just wearing the awkward touristy clothes, that all look really flowy and baggy.

Yesterday, on our bus a guy from the Czech Republic got on with his girlfriend on their way to Panajachel. The guy looked a lot like Sean Bean in the Lord of the Rings, and his girlfriend had short red hair and looked like one of those Slavic women from a stereotypical spy movie. The dude spoke English, so I said hi to him, and asked him where they were going.

So I`m not going to come here to vacation, gracias. But it`s a cool place. I`ll try to take pictures of my house and send them.

Elder Schafer


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