What is 120kmh in miles per hour? – January 20, 2016

What a strange week it has been.

Well, I am here in the area of the four secretaries. We work in the afternoons. We need to be out of the office after 3:30pm and due to the traffic from the city, we usually get back and working about 4 or 4:30pm. It´s a cool area. It was cool to get here and have a baptism.

The office is cool. I´m enjoying it. It´s been a while since I was in an office, but most of the tasks are similar. And I´ve always liked the atmosphere of working in an office. It´s interesting for the different things (or situations, as Elder J calls them) that happen each day.

It´s really not that hard. Most of it involves keeping the things in order and matching recipts to purchases, and moving the money around as it´s needed to send to missionaries, or get things for the mission. I might also need to bill some stuff for insurance to AETNA, but I´m not sure if I do that yet.

I bought 40 pizzas the other day on a corporate card. I also got to see my passport again, for the first time in forever.

And I drove.

We have a Nissan Navara pickup, and a 2015 Rav4. Everyone likes the Rav, because the truck doesn´t corner well at all. I went on a road trip to Santa Lucia, Cotz. in the coast to take some kid medicine last week, and I drove the whole way. I have now driven in worse and crazier traffic than we saw on our Washington, DC trip.

We live in the house with the assistants, and the house is a normal Guatemalan one. Just a little nicer and bigger because the elders who are finishing (and before, when they entered the mission) have to sleep there one night.

All in all, it´s pretty cool.

What else? Today we had a worldwide training broadcast from the missionary commitee. They pretty much talked about the stuff that we are always talking about here. Maybe this mission is just really on the ball or missionary work is not that complicated.

Love you all!
Elder Schafer



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