Life in the Office – January 28, 2016


This has been an interesting experience. Always something new. I´m starting to get into a routine, and get a better handle on everything I need to do with my assignment. But there´s still lots. Most of it just involves being organized, and getting things done, one by one.

We went to Santiago Atitlan with President last Saturday. Most of the ride was listening to President give us advice for getting married. It was all pretty good advice, mostly the same stuff my mom has said forever. Just given by a man.

The driving the car around isn´t much of a big deal. One thing that might have changed about Latin America, is that there are a lot of cars. Newer or nicer than ours. Also lots of junkers. But driving a car doesn´t distinguish you much. Elder M and I saw a $40000 Humvee on a road in the middle of nowhere by Santa Barbara once.

But yeah. That´s how it goes. The office is cool. We take pday whenever it´s convenient. We work. We get annoyed at each other. We laugh, or talk to someone else. And it´s all better. We have a good atmosphere. Not political. The most stress that people generate is trying to do their job the best they can. But they´re all good guys.

Love Elder Schafer


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