Walmart = Mindblown – February 10, 2016

We went to Walmart on Pday last week. It was eye-opening. It might have a little better service and stuff because it´s for rich people here. But it was not that different from back home, yet compared with everywhere I have shopped for the last year, it blows you away.

The US is pretty much heaven. And the poorest people there live like gods. I hope I don´t totally forget that when I get back. Because recognizing the desperity makes  you happier with what you have.

Anyway. The OT is cool. Lots of weird stuff. I already read the NT. Which was pretty good.

I already knew the reference to the Ebenezer stone. I actually looked that up several years ago when for a while that was all my mom played or sang on the piano, and I said, “What is an Ebenezer?” Now I know that it is the name of every other tienda in Guatemala. The rest of the tiendas are named la Bendición.

So to tell you a bit about the office. It´s a constant schedule that we follow, except when there are emergencies. And emergencies happen all the time.

Normally we wake up all around six (Elder Wilkes, Assistant, and Elder Slaymaker, General Secretary, sometimes get up at 5:30am because they like to run. I went once, and decided I like to sleep more) then we exercise, get ready, and go to the office.

At the office, we spend 45 or an hour reading the scripture in personal study. Then, we do menial office tasks. I pay bills electronically, and send people money, and lots of other stuff. But if there´s nothing to do, we just have to be in the office until at least 3:30pm in case of emergencies. The emergencies always happen around 3:20. So sometimes we stay longer. We have to call Pres. when that happens for permission to stay.

Also we take an hour lunch in there, and walk down to a restaurant and buy something.

In the afternoon we come back and work in the area. Usually there is a lot of traffic, so we get back around 4 or 4:30. We work until 9. Unless there is an emergency, and we have to move people or take things to them, or a kid is going home. Then two of the four secretaries go do whatever it is in a car, and the other two go work. I´ve mostly been one of the ones who works, because I need to learn the area.

Sometimes, when a missionary is going home early (which has happened 3 times in the last few weeks, mostly for medical reasons) they go drop him off at 3am in the airport. I have never yet had to do that, thank goodness.

We also had a baptism, which was awesome. We´ve been working hard, but it´s also been hard with all the trips and work in the office. But it´s been fun.

But yeah. That´s life. The time passes even more quickly. So I´ll be back super fast. At least that´s how it feels right now, since we´re almost already half-way through February.

It´s all so crazy. Here are some photos. One is of me when we went to Santiago Atitlan as the office with President. The other picture of inside a house is the big room of the mansion (where the office lives).



Love you!
Elder Schafer


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