The Office – February 23, 2016

The office is much more like real life in that you have to plan and prioritize and be self-motivated. I´ve had to do many different things that I´ve never done before. With banking, and credit cards, and lots of fun stuff.

Really it is fun, but I am doing a bad job of telling you. Because while it´s happening, I think about telling you, but by the time I get to my computer, or my journal sometimes, I´ve forgotten or my mind has gone blank.

We did have a fun time on Saturday, on pday. We went to a conference in Patzicia to give the district leaders training, and I just studied the whole time. Then we went to Tecpan, to a buffet. A buffet of traditional Guatemalan food, which is really good. It was breakfast. For 30 quetz we got all you can eat beans, queso, queso crema, fried platanos (which I have grown to really like), dobladas, and tamales. It was so good.

I also bought a nice pair of shoes that should last me until the end in the megapaca for 150 quetz, and a few ties.

And we worked a lot in the office last week. But it´s all been good. I like going and working a long day, and being sleepy at the end. You sleep more peacefully when you´ve worked hard.

In our area, we´re trying to focus on finding news, because in the last few weeks we haven´t expanded our investigator pool much.

In the last few days, I´ve been thinking a lot about service, and having the Lord´s confidence. Service is our whole life, in everything we do with the intent to try and help others. I was thinking about how we need to decide that we want to be good. That we within have the desire to do what is right in every circumstance, although we are going to make errors. What is our intent? Where is our heart?

I read a quote by Elder Packer, that he told the Lord that he wanted to be good. That way, if that has been our desire, we will be honest, to men and to Him. It doesn´t mean He always smoothes the road. Sometimes there are more bumps. But our desire to be good means we have Him with us. We are never alone. Because we have gained His trust.

Elder Schafer

Love you,
Elder Schafer


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