The Office is Always Interesting – February 16, 2016

Changes were fun today. I thought they went alright. Everyone else was stressed out about their stuff. Pretty much my only jobs were to pay a bus driver who picked up our new missionaries from the CCM, and present a powerpoint to the news about how they shouldn´t waste their money.

Mostly I´m working here doing office stuff. Working in the area.

This last week was difficult in that our baptism fell. We have a few other possiblities, but really, we need to buckle down and find some new people to visit and help them attend church. Elder Slaymaker and I by circumstance and situations in the office have worked together a lot, so it should be a fun few weeks with him.

Our current investigator who I feel we should focus on is Rosio, the pregnant girlfriend of a member. They´ve attended on their own several weeks, and she wants to be baptized. Her boyfriend is also strengthening his testimony, and reconciling himself with his family. I just see a lot of desire to be better in them. So we just need a wedding.

Love you,
Elder Schafer


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