Headaches – March 7, 2016

It´s been quite a week. It went by so fast. In our area we had a few miracles. First a woman that the secretaries baptized in November finally got confirmed. Then the daughter of that same woman just accepted to get baptized. We´re going to visit her every day this week and get her baptized this Sunday.

Also sorry. As we were leaving on friday, I realized that I had forgotten to write you more, and to president. Will you forgive me? (And thanks for not calling or sending an email to see if I was dying or something)

I hate getting emails or calls that have things that you have to resolve. Pray that missionaries aren´t robbed. And that all the bank transactions go through. And lots of fun stuff like paying out of the cash box doesn’t happen.

But anyway. Sorry that I didn´t write much last week. Several days I was out of the office buying pizza for large meetings of missionaries, which pretty much takes a whole day with traffic. This week should hopefully be more peaceful, but stuff just kind of pops up. But we fix them. And we keep going.

As to what we´ve been doing. I honestly can´t remember everything that I did that last week. But I did a lot of sending out payments. The nurse just walked in to get more money, so I need to go.

But here are a few photos. We went to some reconstructed Mayan ruins so we could climb on them. My camera batteries aren´t working, so I couldn´t use mine. Which also made me mad. But we had a good time, and Elder Slaymaker passed me all of the photos he took. So these are from him.

Love you!
Elder Schafer







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