{Insert Subject Line Here} – March 15, 2016

This week has been fun. Working, and working. It was kind of slow in the office, which was nice because we could focus more on our work in the field. We had a baptism, of K, who´s the daughter of a recent convert. Her mom got baptized in November, but right after that, K got really sick. She was in the hospital two months (this was all before I got here). The doctors said she was going to die. Two of the guys in the office went to the hospital (which is in another mission´s boundaries, here in the capital) and gave her a blessing. And she improved. After she got out of the hospital, we started challenging Kand her mom to read the Book of Mormon. We call them every morning from the office to remind them to read. K decided that she wanted to get baptized.
We had the baptism last week, which was awesome. Even better, yesterday, Elder Slaymaker and I finally got a second visit with some family of one of our recent converts. We watched the 20 minute Restoration video with them, and had a very spiritual lesson. They´re starting to feel it.
We´re hoping to baptized the husband of this same recent convert on Sunday. He´s doing great, and finally getting off coffee. We want to get him the priesthood quickly too, so that when the rest of the family start coming he can baptize them.
Right now, that´s our hope. Since the gira (tour), we´ve tried to work more with members, and more effectively. We´ve brought out a returned missionary who was a little less active, and he´s helped us a lot relating to and helping people.
It´s been a great week, all in all.
Love you
Elder Schafer

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