Happy Holy Week – March 23, 2016

The capital empties out for Semana Santa. Everyone goes to Puerto San José.


Other than that, it´s been a pretty sleepy few days. We had A’s baptism on Sunday. It´s been pretty slow in the office. Which is good. Because there´s no emergencies.

Next week is changes, and we´ve pretty much got all of our work done to prep for that.

Like today. I saw the count-down counter on the system which lets me know that the monthly mission payment will go out for monday. So I sent out end of month utility reimbursements to missionaries, and did deductions of personal materials that they´ve asked for, which we take the money for at the beginning of the month.

Next week I´ll send out the rent, after changes (and I sent out a text to the whole mission telling them that today). That´s so that no one gets the rent money on monday, and then goes and takes it to their new area without paying the house in the old one.

To get even more ahead, I´m printing out notes for president to give to the whole mission from the conferences we had with Elder Duncan the area president (who´s going to be speaking in conference next week btw). President will hand those out in interviews.

About all I need to do is check the credit card report, and sign off the transactions for this month.

Then I´ll have nothing to do except reimburse people for robberies, and manage house changes for the next month. And then I´ll do it all again.

That´s a pretty good explanation of what I do.

I´m in Psalms in the Bible. Bogged down. And on Jacob 6 in the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Ramas de oliva just don´t give me ganas today.

I hope you´re having an awesome Spring break.

But yes. I´m happy, and I feel good. Solo no tengo ganas de hacer nada. Tal vez me animo y leo más de los Salmos de David… Pero este hombre era bien orgulloso ustedes. Y solo dice lo mismo otra vez y otra vez. Me cae mal.

My written spanish is pretty good. My spoken is suffering from being with so many gringos. But it´s still good.

Anyway. Love you!
Elder Schafer


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