What a Week – March 31, 2016

It has been quite an adventure this week. I hope the photos of Elder Slaymaker and Wilkes speak for themselves.



We had transfers. We also baptized A, the last in her family who wasn´t a member this week.



And sometimes we just get greatly blessed. Like when our friends get called into the office. Elder Ramirez is back. Little blurry, but there´s a photo I took literally ten seconds ago.


The monthly payment for the missionaries didn´t go through on Monday for pday. That was almost the end of the world. It’s also why the church teaches emergency preparedness. But we survived, and now all of the monthly payments are out.

I felt really good the other day when one of President Markham´s counselors, Pres M (who worked as the church´s chief accountant in Central America) told me that I think like a financial guy. That made me feel good.

Anyways. I love you all. I just want to work hard, and help more people get baptized and come to church.

Elder Dreyton Schafer


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