The Restoration of the Church April 6, 2016

Well, it´s been pretty boring in the office today. Which is a good thing. It means that no emergencies are happening. Only Elder W and I are here, and he´s calling all the people´s parents to double check that they aren´t coming to pick up their kids in Guatemala. I made him call mom.

It was a nice general conference, huh? I really liked Elder Uchtdorf´s talk on Sunday, and Elder Holland´s to finish. That was a good one. We had waited the whole time for him to talk, and right there at the end, we had our fingers crossed that he would finish it out.

We also had 2 new investigators, and they are awesome. They´re the family of one of our recent converts. We´re hoping to baptize them within the next few weeks, and help their other family members to overcome their fear, and come to church.

Not too much has been going on other than that. Elder W and I also took the car in for an oil change today. The traffic was terrible, because there was a protest march on Avenida la Reforma. There were a lot of people, but it doesn´t look like anything interesting happened.

Last week with changes was crazy, but not really too bad. We were very organized, and got everything needed done. We just had to get to a lot of places, like the change meeting, presidents house, and taking people to the airport, and stuff like that.

Today, I was repassing the Statement of Operations for the mission. Interesting, but really not. All of the money is allocated into accounts each for a different type of expenditure. Probably to help with the acounting and watching the budget. By those accounts, all the total expenditures are tracked for the monthly budget report. The different between us and a business would be that we don´t have any income of funds, only expenditures.

But that´s life. Lots of fun. I don´t need to take out loans or mortages, but I´m sure that´ll be easier after going through this. I have paid utilities electronically though, and through check. So I´ll be fine in a million years when I finally buy a house. Cars are just trouble though. I wish I wouldn´t ever need one of those.

Anyway. Hasta la proxima. Love you,

Elder Schafer


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