When the area gets old…

That happens you know. The area you´re in gets real boring. And that always stinks. I hope we find some new cool people that come to church and stuff. But it´s cool that a less active lady and her 9 year old showed up again at church.

We spend a lot of time walking around, and knocking. Bloc houses have seemed normal for so long, I might die when I come back to that place where everything is from wood, glue, and plastic. We did have a nice short visit with a member family that was just sealed the saturday before last. They have three teenage kids. In a wood shack on the side of a steep hill, with two or three lightbulbs in the whole house. Good people.

I loved the photos of home. Elder Wilson really liked them too. ¨Is that Idaho? Really? It´s so pretty.¨ (Read that with a Missouri accent, cause that´s how he talks). I think my favorites were the one of Rob looking out (because I really like the juxaposition of man against the majesty and size of the world). And the one of the dry looking mountain with the water. They´re all really awesome.

I´m sitting here reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. And I´m in Isaiah 40ish in the Bible. I´m actually really liking Isaiah.

I´m going to need to find some other books to read in Spanish when I get back. Not that the scriptures aren´t great and all, but… Even the apostles read other stuff. (Holland quoting all types of poetry and literature, and D Todd Christofferson mentioning a Shakespeare’s play in that talk he gave.)


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