Jerimiah 14:15 – April 25, 2016

That´s where I am in the Old Testament too. Isaiah is way better and way more hopeful. It just talks about Babylon getting wrecked (o sea el mundo). I read the other tiny books of the Prophets at the end, because there isn´t really a reason to read those last books in order, because they´re just prophesies. All I need to read are Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Amos, and then I´m done.

This week is a little more alive. Vivo pues. Because it´s the end of the month. I just finished reviewing and signing off on the mission credit card transactions, and now I need to do the rent, and area adjustments (extra transport for certain areas). It´s more complicated by the fact that we have two missionaries going home for medical reasons, and we need to have all that in the computer so that the rent doesn´t pay on to the cards of the kids going home. I´m writing you all now because I´m worried time might just get away from me after today.

I´ve been thinking a lot, and I´m thankful because while the last few weeks have been kind of boring, I´ve been very blessed. It´s just been nice and tranquil, no emergencies. And I´ve been trying to be content. The hardest thing ever is just being happy in the moment you´re in. But I think the Lord gives us more moments of peace if we can learn to be thankful and happy in the moments that he does give us. And that´s where the house of Israel went wrong in the days of Solomon. They had peace, and political supremecy in the region, but the wealth was spent pursuing lusts and desires, and they went after other gods because they weren´t content.

At the same time, we can´t just say that All is well in Zion. So we need to focus on getting good stuff done… Like making sure the rent pays out, and that the cash box is full.



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