May – May 3, 2016

Well, it´s a nice laid back week. Something weird happened with the bank and the rent didn´t deposit yesterday, but it seems to have gone in for today, so the world can rest easy.

We´ll have changes next week, and I´m supposed to get the new financial secretary. But there won´t be too much to do until the end of the month. But he can read the 71 page financial secretary manual.

We had P´s baptism on Sunday. Now we´re pretty much out of investigators.


But we´ll make it. On the bright side; last week Elder R and I called V and E, our converts from, Escuintla. They´re doing well, and V is picking up new converts in a town farther out and taking them to church every week in the back of his pickup. And they´re working toward the goal of getting sealed in July. And if they can go in that month, Elder R and I will be able to go with them.

Here are a few photos of Antigua from a few weeks ago.







And this is a pumpkin that´s in the freezer in our house, that no one has felt like throwing out since Halloween.


The next few days will be zone conferences. So we´ll see where I go. Today I´m just in the office with Elder R.

I also wanted to shared a scripture that I did like in Jeremiah 41:3, 6. About obeying the voice of the Lord. Because it directs us sometimes to do things that aren´t the easiest, but he does tell us what we need to do in life. (Even though the people didn´t listen to what the Lord told them in this story at all).

Love you! Talk to you soon!

Elder Schafer


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