The day after changes – May 11, 2016


These are always terrible weeks. Yesterday went pretty well actually. It was just a really long day. We got up at about 4am and headed over to changes. The assistants went to the CCM for the new missionaries.

Then we told everyone who their new companions are and sent them on their merry way. That went pretty smooth. And then we headed over to President´s house. Then the bus we contracted got a 500 quet parking ticket. Yuck. We paid that. Not sure where I´m going to allocate that expenditure in the accounting. Because it was a vehicle expense, but not our vehicle. Who knows?

But yes. I also have a new companion.

Here are some photos of the wedding and baptism on Saturday. That was really nice. We´ll see how we do in the next few weeks. One of our converts has two of her daughters here for the few weeks, and they want to get baptized. And we´ve left the familia M for awhile, and supposedly they´re missing us. Maybe they´ll progress more now that we´ve dropped them for a little while.




Also yesterday, something pretty cool happened. There´s one less-active family with a daughter whose ten. We´d visited them before, but they never started going to church. But yesterday we just went by, and a car pulled up with the aunt of this little girl and her husband, who are active in another ward. And the husband of the aunt was my ward mission leader in my first area. So I asked if he´d help us get the family to go to church.

So… yeah. Normal. Love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Elder Schafer


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