A Slow Week – May 19, 2016

This has been a pretty slow week. The church for about the last month has been sending us emails that they were going to revamp the whole church finance system, which means that the finance functions of the missionary online stuff were all down all week. So I finished the Bible. And I´ve been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish so that I can finish it.

The new change is kind of strange, because there´s not much for me to do. But I just try to write and study.

I´m kind of the designated driver all the time, because my replacement turned 21 and doesn´t have his new license, and the only other Elder who can drive with a valid license, doesn´t feel comfortable driving here. So I get to speed around Guate.

Sorry there´s not much. We should have a baptism on Sunday. Of the daughter of a convert.

Elder Schafer


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