Reed Finished His Mission Today! – June 1, 2016



Reed  finished! Is that not the craziest thing ever?

Well lots of stuff has been happening. For pday on Saturday, we went to Tecpan (the photos of the restaurant and Elder G & W), which is a little town near Chimaltenango (that helps a lot, right?).


In Tecpan there´s an all you can eat buffet of typical food for Q40.


Then we had a baptism on Sunday. Which was nice.



This has been a good month. Right now, starting the next, I feel that we´ve found a number of people to teach. We have some references from members and part families. So looking over our success of the last month I think that we need to:

1. Focus on the people the Lord has given us, and help these people who have come to church be baptized first.
2. Using those successes, use the trust of the members have them lead us to more people like these which they have helped us find.
3. Continue retaining the people we have baptized (The last ten people who have been baptized in this area come to church every week. The converts from earlier are more más o menos, but ours we can help be fellowshiped well by the good members).

That way we keep finding part families and helping people who will have a role and friends in the church.

The mission got it´s goal of 200 baptisms. We got 201. That´s the first time since November of 2014. So we ate really well on Sunday night at dinner with the Markhams. Ribs. With BBQ sauce. That was cool. To feel like you´re on the winning team. We had some good people get baptized last month.




I love going to church and seeing all of the people that I´ve taught there. A and O went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead. And they enjoyed it. They make me feel good about my time here. The families

We should have another baptism this Sunday. A member reference. A 17 year old, whose uncle is a bishop in another stake. So we´ll hope that happens and goes well.

I´m looking forward to next transfer, it should be good. I will be going out of the office. One last transfer to work really hard and have lots of baptisms. But I´m also looking forward to finishing up. It´ll be so strange just to be done. But I know that it´ll be a fun and interesting new part of life for all of us.

Hasta luego,

Elder Schafer


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