Meanwhile down in Guatemala – June 7, 2016


Here are a bunch of photos. As you can see, I haven´t done much of anything.



Just reading and watching my replacement work.

But President finished the changes yesterday. As it is, I´m going to the Zona _____with Elder ___. He trained Elder ___, so it should be fun with him. And it´ll be the fastest six weeks ever.

I´m convincing Elder W to come to college in Logan too. He´d enter in like Spring semester of 2018, but that´d be cool, huh?


But yeah. Finishing out the transfer right now. Enjoying being in the office a few days more. Hanging out with Elder R and Elder G. It´s pretty fun being in a big house that you don´t have to pay for with a bunch of friends.


Next change I´ll probably just follow Elder ___ around the area, try to teach well, and focus on calling people in the zone and bugging them until they baptize the people they´re teaching.

I love you.

Elder Schafer


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