The Projects – June 28, 2016

Well, to tell you a little about this week and La Sonora: The area is pretty big. There are three parts: Linda Vista, which is a big neighborhood, with some walled residencials. La Sonora, a slightly poorer neighborhood. And Proyectos. The projects. 

We live in Proyectos. It`s really poor and all the houses are tightly packed in lots of alleyways. It`s an interesting place. It`s pretty quiet in the day because everyone`s gotta work (there`s no welfare in this country). And in the night, it gets a little crazier, how I would imagine a lower socioeconomic neighborhood in LA or NY. Nothing really violent. Just teenagers and people around the soccer fields, hanging out, listening to music, and probably smoking illegal substances.
I`m looking forward to having some baptisms. Mosiah 13:9:  But I finish my message; and then it matters not whither I go, if it so be that I am saved. That`s my theme for this last month. 

But yeah. I don`t really know what more to say. I`m kind of excited to finish. The office was really the funnest part of my mission. But it is nice in lessons. When people really are listening and they appreciate what you are trying to do for them.

That`s why I loved Boca. My converts there were so nice, and thankful for us.. Like the familia S that got married. They always got super excited when I came. While I was in Chimaltenango, they made the elders call me on speakerphone to say goodbye. Or familia B, they were always very calm, but loved to shared the things that they`d been learning or what they`d been doing in their callings. The couples that I`ve gotten to help really have been my favorite people. Like E and J in Santa Barbara. They couldn`t get married, so J couldn`t get baptized while I was there, but they did afterwards when she turned 18.

But, there`s a lifetime of memories. It`s nice to have friends, and people that care about you. And sometimes it`s good to start over a little too. Like college. Basically from scratch.


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