Getting to the End – July 5, 2016

Well. We went to Antigua. I took a bunch of photos, which are attaching themselves on this slow internet network like a slug slithering acrossed a glass window. We´ll see how many get attached before I have to send it and finish my internet time.

Honestly, it was fun, but at the same time, kind of boring. We had zone training today, and president came so we could give our last testimonies for the zone. 

I spend most of my time working, getting tired, waking up early, and studying spanish grammar so that I can take the test when I get back. I´m going to try and keep doing exercises of grammer everyday for those three weeks when I get back too, until I can schedule the test. 

That´s cool that the altitude won´t affect me after the mission. I´m really looking forward to going and getting out of all of the concrete jungle. In the desert or in the forest, just away from all the people and in a pretty place without all of the trash.

Maybe it´s just because of the zone training I just gave, but I feel absolutely drained now. I´m going on divisions today, with Elder S, who will also be going home next month. We´ll see how that goes.

But yes. Just here. Living it out. Looking forward to the next few weeks, and being able to get through them. Hoping that I´ll be able to get more sleep.

Love you!

Elder Schafer


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