Time Hurries On, and the Leaves that are Green Turn to Brown – July 11, 2016

It feels like I`m about to finish, but yet not. I`m just used to living in this dusty bloc house, where I can only walk around in sandals. And where we heard like 15 rounds fired just around the block from us last night at about 10:30. And it`s just strange that this is all so normal.

But at the same time. It`s going to be super awesome to finish.

This week we had ten baptisms as a zone, which was cool to see. 

I`m happy I get to finish as a zone leader and be able to do something a little different (even though I really get tired of nightly calls, and having to say something profound and helpful to each of the district leaders at ten when all I want to do is study some Spanish and hit the sack). But it really is a fun life.

Like today, I`m going on divisions to an area I`ve never been to. Just an overnight bag, and sleeping in another guy`s bed. But it really has become just an adventure.

In the end, I`m happy with it all. It`s all been worth it, and I`m grateful. Because I`m still just me, and I`ve mostly learned that I don`t know much about the world, but at the same time, I`ve learned a whole heck of a lot, and learned to do things I wouldn`t have ever done.

I you enjoy these next few weeks until I crash back into your house and I`m your son, but at the same time a strange, almost grownup guest who eats your food, uses your computer, and talks way too much about the `good old days.` Because now you`re used to living with four kids, and I`m used to living basically on my own. It`ll be kind of weird, and kind of fun.

But yeah. Two more internet times. And then the show`s over.

Elder Schafer


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