Time Keeps on Slipping – July 19, 2016

We had a baptism on Sunday, which was cool. We have a few more people in our area that are progressing and could get baptized this month. What´s really great is how the zone is doing. I´m really impressed with Elder L. He should have 9 baptisms on Saturday. He´s also doing a good job animating his zone. There´s also a family in E, and maybe one of our investigators.

The week after, there are more, from the sisters, with a family as well. And a widow with her kids in N. Everyone is working really hard, and it´s cool to see how they´re finding and helping people.

We´re going to keep going and verifying with all of these investigators to help them get to baptism. Other than that, the time just keeps going.

Trying to stay focused. It´s been fun. Yeah, there are lots of good memories. Lots of nice photos, and some cool stuff to come at the end, and it´ll be all great. 

It´s like graduating. Just kind of antsy waiting for it.


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